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Netherlands surprised me

Tomorrow it’s the day! Netherlands vs Spain at a really exciting final game in the Fifa World Cup 2010.

I’ll have to support Netherlands, although it’s really gonna be a hard match. The reason? Well, it’s the country where I could see 5 buckets of water falling from the sky suddenly. Never anywhere.

Netherlands has some weird happenings. Any clue?

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Some peculiar kinds

Traveling to Rio das Ostras, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, maybe you can find some weird kind of people. Just like this guy with the nice hat below.

The thing is: Brazil is a land of crazy people. And they’re standing all around. Sometimes you just put your nose out on the streets and suddenly someone interrupts you. Sometimes they’ll say “Would you like me to watch you car?” And you just have to.

This man was drinking a bottle of cachaça

This man was drinking a bottle of cachaça

This man was drinking a bottle of cachaça, most popular Brazilian spirit. How could he so strongly? Look at his eyes.

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Sharing Brazilian Beauty

Some days ago I’ve been to Rio!

It was my first time there and I can tell you it’s totally different of what I thought.
It’s amazing! It’s sublime. You have to try this experience, although you may feel unsafe sometimes.

I’m from Sao Paulo, one state aside of Rio de Janeiro. And this is remarkable, because there I could learn the Cariocas (Rio girls) don’t like guys from my state. I guess they think we are competitors, right? But I really don’t care. I just wanna get to know them well.

This is what you may find in Rio. Cheers!

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The perfect ass

Socializing media is changing life

It’s gonna be quick. Anybody around?
I’m not trying to be so hard on my sales proposition, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing some words in my blog. I would be writing an ad, as usual.

There’s a while since I started to run the social media department within And it has been amazing.

Well, never stopped some time to think about life after Twitter. Nor even life after coordinating communication department same time. But if I can add you something relevant, I leave the word ‘try’! You are able to do a whole lot more of what you thought you could.

Seems to be a little picky, but when you feel it in your veins, you just want to share.

But there’s something way more special here. Did you ever feel the power of real people’s voice? No? Try to be the spokesman of a brand! You’ll need to rethink the way you drive your life. Trust me.

I’m tottaly on it.

Mt Baker, WA

This time in Mt. Baker, Washington. Two hours drive (with a fine) from Seattle, one of the best places ever!

I went close to the Canadian border, but couldn’t get into: I had no visa. So that I didn’t try.
No problem, I was close to this amazing snow mountain called Mt. Baker.

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First time in USA

Last January I made a really amazing trip around USA. I must say it was a mixture of nice and weird sensations. Why? Well, this country is a little bit of what I thought it was: well developed, with nice people from everywhere and with lots of diversity. You can find everything you want with reasonable prices. In time, everything is meant to be profitable and people really know about their rights, politics and economy.

But sometimes it really sucked! I felt kinda stalked everywhere I went to. And my friends know how much I like to walk carrying a can of beer. So that I felt also stuck inside bars or inside the hostels. And locals said I could go to jail in case cops caught me drinking on the streets.

In fact I went there to study International Business at Florida International University, Miami. Within two weeks I became an USA citizen, with a real determined routine. But now I’ll put a comma here: Miami is an incredible city! If you’re American and have any prejudice for Latin people, forget it. Get there and you’re gonna have fun for sure. Don’t forget to drive down Key West. It’s worth every single mile.

Let’s get it back. I drove USA. I ate USA. I breathed USA. And you know what? I learned a lot of what it is to be a marketer. Because it’s the best example of how the machine works till it’s broken. And then it gets fixed. Quickly. Or totally replaced.

I want a lot more of that experience. And I enjoyed it for real.

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